About Me


I have been an active member of the Scout association since I was 6 years old when I joined Beavers. I continued on through Cubs, Scouts, Explorers gaining many badges and awards including the Chief Scout Gold Award. Then when I was 18 became a scout leader at my local group. I am now a member of my local scout district where my main role is to update the district website, but I am also regularly involved in district events, camps and fund raising for charity.


I enjoy listening to many types of music and seeing live bands. I am currently learning how to play the Guitar.


I have always had an interest in video games ever since I received my first console, a PlayStation 2, for Christmas in 2002. I now own several vintage and modern games consoles and can usually be found most days either playing online or experiencing a little nostalgia playing one of my older games.


I have a keen interested in motorcycles and ever since my 16th birthday when I got my first moped. I continue to ride motorcycles to this day servicing my own motorcycle and attending different ‘Biker’ events and ride-outs whenever I can. I am also a member of a motorcycle social club which runs events in order to raise money for local charities.


Since I was very young I have always been fascinated with electronics and finding out how things work. When I was at school I took electronics at GCSE and since then I have repaired many different devices such as TVs, computers, printers, CD players, mixing desks, amplifiers etc.


Since leaving school I have worked at several ICT jobs as a technician / engineer. During this time I have set up two entire school networks on my own and have installed, serviced repaired and upgraded many computers and servers.


Since 2007 I have had an interest in computer programming. This interest started when I was at school and began playing with Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 on the school computers and continues to be one of my main hobbies today. I have written many programmes for Windows and Linux, including bespoke software for several of my past employers.

Web Design

I began to take interest in web design during my first job working at a secondary school where one of my daily tasks was to update the news bulletins and keep the school’s website up to date. Since then I have made several websites for local charities and businesses, many of which I still maintain today. I plan to make an portfolio soon.