Useful Links

Band Wagon Music (Dover)

Band Wagon music is Dover’s brand new and only music shop (at time of posting) . They have an excellent selection of instruments comprising mainly of electric and acoustic guitars and basses as well as a varied selection of amplifiers and accessories.

CPC Farnell

CPC is a very useful supplier of electricals, electronics and many other things which I use regularly.

Guitar Shop (Folkestone)

The Guitar Shop, Folkestone is by far the smallest music shop around, but don’t let the size fool you, the shop is reminiscent of Dr. Who’s TARDIS and has a very large selection of guitars and basses, and was the shop where I purchased my first bass guitar.

Marshall Amplification PLC

Marshall are a world-renowned manufacturer of amplifiers an speakers. They are the loudest, most reliable and well-designed brand of amplifier I have ever had the pleasure to own and work on. I cannot recommend them enough, and unlike the majority of manufacturers they are always happy to provide help and support, no matter how old your amplifier is.

Music Bay (Herne Bay)

Music bay is an excellent music shop located in Herne Bay. The staff are very experienced and they stock many types of instruments, amplifiers and more. One of my favourite local shops, and also where I purchased my first guitar.